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These are the common dental services we provide our patients. There are more specialized dental procedures that we provide on request.

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Serving the Albuqeurque's Westside & Rio Rancho Over 30 Years
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Our Services


We generally do a four visit denture or partial. Anyone can make a denture in two visits for less money, but you generally sacrifice quality in the bite (occlusion), fit and appearance of the denture.

denturesWe have a lot of patients who have had crooked, stained, chipped and generally ugly teeth for decades and want to have a denture or partial with beautiful, small, straight white teeth. We are glad to accommodate them. We have other patients who want a more natural looking denture that shows some wear, a little crowding or spacing, and even a crown or filling. We are also glad to make this style of denture. We want to make you happy with the denture and are willing to spend the time to get the details just the way you want them, where possible.

partial denturesLower full dentures are generally the biggest challenge in this area. There are very few lower dentures that work nearly as well as the upper denture in the same patient. They generally do not have the sort of "seal" that upper dentures have, and are generally kept in place with muscle control from the tongue, lips and cheeks (and adhesive). For this reason, I generally try to find at least two or three lower teeth that can be retained, and try to build a partial denture using these teeth for support. I have seen lower partials with only one abutment tooth, and these generally work about three times as well as a full lower denture. Advances with mini-implants offer lower denture patients the opportunity to get their lower denture stabilized to an amazing degree with a fairly modest investment. Usually this works best with four mini-implants placed into the mandibular bone.

Many people have a hard time moving from teeth to dentures, and we try to make the transition as smoothly as possible. We do a lot of training in proper care and maintenance of their denture.


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