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Your recovery time will be significantly less after a dental procedure if you take proper care.

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Periodontal Patients

Dear Patient,

Periodontal patients who finish treatment with pockets around their teeth over 3mm deep, who fail to return for frequent, routine cleanings and periodontal check-ups run a great risk of deteriorating periodontal health. Some patients feel there is no need for periodontal reevaluation because they are not in pain and there is no bleeding when they brush. But with deepening periodontal pockets, it is possible to have healthy looking tissue on the surface, with progressing disease at the pocket bottom,

There have been several massive studies done recently regarding frequency of cleaning following periodontal treatment. These studies indicate that the periodontal patients who return for monitoring and cleaning on three month intervals had one-third to one-forth the tooth loss over a ten-year period, compared to the patients who returned at intervals of a year or longer.

One of the most important reasons for this difference is that plaque which is two months old or older is much more pathogenic, or toxic, than plaque that is fresh. Patients who have pockets 3mm or less who are thorough with brushing and flossing can remove all the plaque on a daily basis. Plaque that is in the bottom of a pocket 4mm or deeper is not touched with brushing or flossing and needs professional cleaning Waiting longer than three months to have that toxic plaque removed allows the plaque to build up and quietly attack the gingival (gum) attachment and reduce bone support

No therapy is totally, uniformly successful, but frequent periodontal follow-ups greatly increase patients chances of maintaining healthy gums and bone to support teeth. Please return for proper follow-up on treatment,

We value your health.

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