After Procedure Care

Your recovery time will be significantly less after a dental procedure if you take proper care.

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Home Care

Root-Planning and Curettage Home Care

Care should be taken especially the first day following periodontal treatment to avoid trauma to the gingival (gums). Hot food and fluids should be avoided the first day after the treatment

Medication may be prescribed depending on the severity of the disease. Systemic antibiotics may be prescribed in serious cases, and oral anti-microbial rinses (Peridex) are recommended in most cases. Usually mild painkillers are very helpful, but if you require heavier pain Medication, call the office.

The teeth cannot be brushed, flossed, nor can a water-irrigating device be used the first week following treatment. Cotton balls are to be used with a little toothpaste to polish the teeth using gentle pressure. A week following treatment brushing should resume, and should take at least eight to twelve minutes per day. Brushing should be done with a soft bristled brush, and should be gentle. The teeth should be flossed gently at least once a day. Only brush and floss the ones you want to keep!

We will need to clean the teeth two weeks following treatment as a part of the overall therapy. This post-treatment cleaning helps prevent re-infection, and gives the supporting tissue another boost. The patient should return to the office every three months the first year following treatment to have their teeth cleaned and the health of the periodontal structures evaluated.

Occasionally, more severe types of periodontal treatment are required to return the soft and hard tissues to optimal health. This is usually decided following the initial treatment. There are nearly always improvements in health following treatment, but they vary considerably from person to person and tooth to tooth depending on a variety of conditions. The most consistent way to achieve good results is to become continually persistent with dental home care and make frequent dental recalls.

As a result of most types of periodontal disease and subsequent treatment, the roots of the teeth become exposed to varying degrees. Many of these exposed areas become sensitive to cold and remain sensitive for periods of time. Various chemical agents can be prescribed that help relieve this sensitivity.
If you experience any complication following treatment, call the office and we will try to solve the problem. If you call after hours, leave a message on the answering machine, or call Dr. Clark's home at 899-2599.

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