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Your recovery time will be significantly less after a dental procedure if you take proper care.

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Serving the Albuqeurque's Westside & Rio Rancho Over 30 Years
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Home Care

Subject: Infection Control

Dear Patient,

There has been a great deal of interest and concern about the possibility of contracting serious diseases, including AIDS, HIV, and Hepatitis A, B, C, or E at the dental office. We wanted to send you information about our efforts to protect you from possible infection of any sort while you are a patient in our office.

There are five areas of infection control that we constantly monitor:

  1. We sterilize all instruments, including high and low speed hand pieces with heat/pressure (Autoclave) prior to each use. We have tests performed every week on the biological effectiveness of our Autoclave by the University of Iowa.
  2. We use disposable items whenever possible or practical.
  3. We routinely disinfect all surfaces (e.g., counter tops, chairs, etc.) prior to each patient.
  4. We scrub after each patient, and change gloves with each patient. We also wear facemasks and gowns while treating patients.

We hope these efforts meet with your approval. There are also many other things we do because we are dedicated to keeping you safe from diseases, especially serious ones. If you have any questions or comments we would be glad to talk to you about them.


Dr. Guy C. Clark
(W) 898-8011
(H) 899-2599
(M) 259-7541

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