After Procedure Care

Your recovery time will be significantly less after a dental procedure if you take proper care.

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Home Care

Post Surgical Instruction

Care should be taken to avoid traumatizing the extraction socket. Vigorous work and activity, brushing and flossing, as well as heavy chewing should be avoided.

The sterile gauze placed in your mouth at the completion of surgery should be bitten on with moderate pressure for about half an hour to help control the bleeding. It is common and normal for slight blood loss from the extraction site for one to two days following surgery. If heavy bleeding resumes, rinse out the mouth with water, since a small amount of blood in a moderate amount of saliva looks like a lot of blood. After rinsing you can see if the area is actually bleeding too profusely. If it is bleeding more than you think it should, roll up two gauze squares into a ball, place it on top of the point of origin and bite firmly. Call me if heavy bleeding cannot be stopped in this manner.

It is important that the patient does not rinse with, eat or drink anything hot for 24 hours following surgery. The patient should use Ice chips or cubes in the mouth for 24 hours following surgery. Generally keeping ice in the mouth for half an hour, half an hour off, then half an hour on to be repeated throughout the day is a very good routine to reduce pain and swelling the next couple of days. Pain medication will be prescribed on an as needed basis. If across-the-counter medication is sufficient, do not take anything stronger.

Patients should begin gentle hot-salt-water rinses 24 hours following surgery. Use one teaspoon of salt with eight ounces water three or four times a day until the gums are completely healed. Rinse Gently.

Sutures should be removed a week to ten days following surgery. If the patient did not make an appointment for suture removal on the day of surgery, please call the office and schedule one. If sutures fall out in the interim, do not be alarmed. Some people just have curious tongues that wiggle sutures lose. This is usually not a problem.

Pain, swelling and moderate discomfort is to be expected after surgical extractions, even when pain medication is used and ice is applied. If the pain becomes too severe, or if other serious complications arise please call the office. If we are not in, please leave a message or call Dr. Clark's residence at 899-2599 or his Cell phone at 259-7541.

Patients without allergies may use plain pure Aloe Vera gel with no additives, sold at pharmacies and health food stores as a rinse. This can be applied several times per day for best results. Refrigerate after opening.

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