It has been long known that periodontal bacteria increase the risk of many serious diseases, including diabetes, heart attack, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic kidney disease and others, but recent research at the University of Helsinki, Finland reveals that they can greatly reduce the possibility of conception in women.

The study involved monitoring the presence of the pathogen, Porphyromonas gingivalis, in the saliva, and the presence of antibodies to the pathogen in the blood of over 250 women who were planning to become pregnant. The study discovered that women who had the bacteria in the blood and saliva, and antibodies against the bacteria in the blood and saliva had a much lower rate of pregnancy than the women without the markers.

The study revealed that the women with the markers were three times less likely to become pregnant than the ones without the markers, and that with markers and early signs of periodontal disease the risk increased to fourfold that of the women without the markers.

An article in on this study can be read by clicking here.

At Clark Family Dental we feel that it is very important to treat periodontal disease and reduce all the health risks associated with the disease, and encourage all our patients with signs of the disease to get treatment and medication.  We care about your health.

Clark Family Dental  87114

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Dr. Clark gets Op-ed in Albuquerque Journal on Casino”Free Play.”

NM trying to get $40M from tribes | Albuquerque Journal

NM trying to get $40M from tribes

………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ………. ……….

The New Mexico Gaming Control Board is demanding that tribal gambling interests pay the state about $40 million in revenue sharing for “free-play” credit incentives that the casinos offer to entice patrons to lose their money. The tribes are suing the gaming control board in federal court to block the state action.

Regulators say Tesuque Pueblo owes about $3.2 million, Sandia Pueblo owes about $26.5 million and Isleta Pueblo owes about $10.3 million. Santa Ana and Santa Clara have recently joined the case.

The tribes and the state entered compacts in 2015 that did not require tribes to pay revenue sharing on future “free play,” but the state is insisting that the tribal casinos owe revenue sharing on “free play” incentives before that time. The federal government has sided with the tribes in previous court battles.

The whole battle also hinges around accurate reporting of income and revenue sharing from the tribes. A report by the Legislative Finance Committee in 2013 revealed that financial reports from the tribal casinos are “self-reporting” and not subject to normal state accounting scrutiny, so what they actually offer in “free play” and what they actually make in their gambling racket is anyone’s guess.

The whole casino system is designed to deceive and addict its patrons, and “free play” is just another hook to snag the unwary gambler.

It’s time for the government (state and tribal) to get out of the predatory gambling racket.

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Bosque Sights Last Week
Albuquerque dentist

I went out Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, but almost all the sightings were on Thursday. The really good news is that the trail right along the Rio Grande has dried out sufficiently to be able to walk and get pictures right next to the best source of water-fowl and often predators (No predators this time).

My best picture so far of a Black Phoebe, followed by another picture (got one last week–don’t know if it is the same bird) of a Black-headed Grosbeak. Lots of color, but little pattern.

Rob and I wandered through a swarm of hundreds of dragonflies, and I got this shot. Contrary to legend, they do NOT stitch your mouth shut. In recent years I have rarely seen Red-winged Blackbirds in the Bosque, but this year you can regularly hear their calls along the river, and I got this picture.

At one river-outlook I spotted about five Snowy Egrets, but they were mostly spread out, so no group pictures.

Clark Family Dental  87114


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Albuquerque dentist

The Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority sponsored a public hearing on Wednesday, June 21, regarding the proposal to fluoridate the water in the municipal water system.  About 70 people showed up for the hearing and 25 were given two minutes to state their case for or against the fluoridation.  A story about the meeting in the Albuquerque Journal can be read by clicking here.

The major public health organizations in the state and about a dozen dentists made the case that adding fluoride to drinking water reduces the incidence of caries (dental decay) in children and adults. Nearly every national and international health organization views the incorporation of fluoride in drinking water as one of the major health advances of the twentieth century.  Several opponents said that fluoridating the water was unnecessary at best and harmful at worst.

I have done a significant amount of research on this issue and am convinced that the risks of adding fluoride at the proper levels to the drinking water are minimal,  and adding the fluoride provides a huge health benefit. Opponents point out that fluoride can be toxic, but I know that there are toxic levels for every mineral and vitamin that we need for proper health.  Even water can be toxic in large amounts.  I tend to view dental caries in many cases as a mineral deficiency disease, the mineral being fluoride.

I am sending a letter to the Water Utility expressing my support for the fluoridation, and would encourage my patients to do the same.  Their mailing address is the following:

Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Authority
P.O. Box 568
Albuquerque, NM 87103-0568

Clark Family Dental 87114


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The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated a 2001 recommended guideline on feeding infants fruit juice.  Whereas the previous recommendation listed six months as the earliest age to start feeding infants fruit juice, the new guideline recommends waiting until one year of age. AAP reports that more damage is done by the fruit juice  than benefits gained.  They indicated that there was “no nutritional benefit” from the fruit juice, but that the unprocessed fresh fruit itself was much more nutritious.

Chief among the negative features that they targeted were the high concentration of sugar and the acidic content of the juice. The sugar is responsible in promoting dental caries (decay), and has been shown to promote obesity and diabetes in children.  the acidic content can cause erosion of the tooth structure.

Recommended limits to fruit juice increased to no more than 4 ounces for 1 to 3 year- olds, and increased up to 6 ounces for children between 4 and six years.  8 ounces was the recommended limit for children and adolescents from 7 to 18 years of age.

Grapefruit juice was singled out as a special concern, since it has been found to potentiate certain medications.

An article in gives more information on this AAP report.

At Clark Family Dental we encourage our patients with small children to follow these guidelines to help promote their health.  We value your health.

Clark Family Dental 87114

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Corrales Bosque Critters last 10 Days                 Albuquerque dentist


In the last ten days I have gotten a few good shots of critters in the Corrales Bosque.  Last week I spotted a Downy Woodpecker and a family of Canada Geese. The goslings appeared to be over a month old and were venturing out somewhat from their parents.

On Memorial day I caught the Great Blue Heron flying away, and a shot of a Turkey Vulture in flight. We also spotted a Swainson”s Hawk. I have never gotten a picture of a Snub-nosed Snake before, so I was glad to get this one. Non-poisonous, and about 18 inches long. My dog Bella was fascinated with with it, and we had a hard time making sure she didn’t hurt it.

s-Downy Woodpecker 2017 s-Canada Goose Family s-Goslings s-GBH flyings-TV flyings-Swainson's Hawk on Branchs-Snub-nosed SnakeClark Family Dental 87114

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Dear Patient,

If you have had an appointment recently, and received the “Thank You” email from us, you may have noticed a change in the “ask” in the email.  Before, the email asked if you would click on a link to complete a survey.  If you filled out the survey, it would appear on the Clark Family Dental website in the Survey section.  This allows people who visit the Clark Family Dental website to read your survey along with about 50 fairly recent surveys.  Positive reviews help our practice.

Recently the email has also added a button to “Review us Online.” If you click on this hyperlink you will be invited to leave a review on Google, Yelp or Facebook (or any combination thereof).  All of those reviews help direct people to visit our website, which helps us get more patients. It also helps promote the position of our website on Google organic listings, which makes us more visible on the Internet. On at least  Google and Facebook you need to have an account with them to post a review.

If you like us and like the work we do for you, we would be honored if you would take advantage of these opportunities to express your appreciation.


Dr. Guy C. Clark

Clark Family Dental, lNM  87114

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Tuesday, for a change, was warm and sunny, and lots of birds were showing up for portraits.

There is an area that Rob and I call “The Ponds,” where the conservancy district has carved out these shallow bowls in the soil, about 200 yards from the river. During most of year they are dry, but when the Rio Grand swells up in the spring, they fill up with water for six to eight weeks, and fill up with minnows and pollywogs. This often attracts Herons, Egrets and Hawks. The s-Red-tailed Hawk4s-Red-tailed Hawk5first two shots are of a pretty large Red-tailed Hawk looking for breakfast.

At one of the only good outlooks over the river recently, I spotted a flock of American Avocets, probably my favorite shore wader species. They are very colorful and interesting looking.

s-American Avocets 2017 s-American Avocets2 2017++++

Also on Tuesday I spotted a Swainson’s Hawk by the clear ditch, and managed to get two good shots from different angles. He seemed to ignore me the whole time I worked from north to south of him.

s-Swainson's Hawk2s-Swainson's Hawk2017+++++

Altogether, a good birding day.  Clark Family Dental 87114

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Albuquerque dentist

Case Western Reserve University conducted research on Kaposi’s Sarcoma and its relationship with periodontal disease.  Although Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) is more common among HIV patients, other groups can be afflicted by the disease, and, according to this research, certain fatty acids expressed by periodontal disease bacteria can promote the onset of the disease.

The principle bacteria involved in causing periodontal disease, Porphyromonas gingivalis and Fusobacterium nucleatum, were found to produce five short-chain fatty acids.. In tests on living cells, the researchers at Case Western, the fatty acids prevented the cells from being able to stop the growth of KS.

One of the outcomes of this research is that early testing of saliva could result in treating for KSs before it became malignant.

An article on this research in can be read by clicking here.

At Clark Family Dental, we monitor the signs of periodontal disease on all adult patients and treat the disease whenever patients allow.  We may have been unknowingly reducing the incidence of KS in our patients.  We care about your health.

Clark Family Dental 87114

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NEW STUDIES ON WATER-PIK   dentist Albuquerque

Nearly everyone can benefit from using an electric toothbrush.  the benefits are even greater for someone with periodontal disease.  But even the best brushing cannot get all the plaque that is between the teeth around the contact point.  The options for getting interproximal plaque off are dental floss and Waterpik-type devices.

In the past, I have recommended dental floss over Waterpik, but recent research has convinced me that a Waterpik can be as effective or even more effective than floss.  My opinion is that flossing is still a useful technique to clean in-between teeth and slightly below the crest of the gingiva (gum), but there are reasons why some people would benefit from using a Waterpik.

I have quite a few patients that just have a very hard time manipulating the floss in-between their teeth.  Their fingers and hands tend to get in the way, or they have a small opening into their mouth, making it hard to manipulate the floss. These people could greatly benefit by using a Waterpik.

A good YouTube video on use of a Waterpik device can be viewed by clicking here.

A very good article on the pros and cons of floss v. pik in can be read by clicking here.

At Clark Family Dental we stress the use of brushing and flossing with all our patients.  It makes a huge difference in a patient’s health to be following these good health practices.  We care about your health.

Clark Family Dental  87114

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